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A hidden oasis for dining & leisure

Our Story

Hidden adjacent to the Ghadira Nature Reserve in Mellieha Bay, the restaurants at the Danish Village Tourist Complex provide diners with a unique experience. Right in the heart of the picturesque village barely visible from any approach roads and designed by the world renowned Danish architect Mr Munk Hansen, the Danish Village is a true oasis in the North of the Island.

Our ‘ Great Dane Restaurant’ , ‘Hansen Bar’ and ‘Winston Steakhouse’ offer unique views of Mellieha Bay and the old town centre and are surrounded by vast open spaces featuring beautifully maintained gardens local plants and flowers.

Dining at our restaurants really provide diners with the opportunity to unwind and forget about the busy environments they left at home.

Walsh’s Ltd operators of all the restaurants have consistently been serving happy customers to the best of standards since the complex opened in 1979 when the late Mr Carol Calleja was invited to instill his knowledge of restaurant management to the North of the Island. His family have since taken over the reins still maintaining the good quality Walsh’s Ltd are associated with.

Great Dane Restaurant opens for Breakfast and Dinner. It also caters for Events and other occasions. Our luscious All Inclusive buffet is offered between October and June.

This more ‘refined’ eatery focuses mainly on delicious cuts of meat whilst still providing fresh fish and vegetarian dishes. This restaurant is open during the
peak seasons not all year round. Follow the website for updates.

Open during summer. Please visit Facebook for more information.

This outlet as the name implies is open from 10.00am till late every day during which time drinks , coffees or cocktails are available together with a delicious snack food menu.